9.1 Register of Sexual Offenders

This policy is currently under review - May 2020


Under the Sexual Offences Act 2003, those offenders who are cautioned or convicted of specific, sexual offences against a child or an adult, are made subject to the Sexual Offenders Register. This registration requires the offender by law, to notify the Police of the following:

  • Any change to her/his name or address;
  • Any address where they may reside for 7 or more occasions, in any 12 month period;
  • National Insurance number;
  • Any intention to travel abroad.

All agencies must inform the police if they are aware of a sexual offender who has changed their address, or who is planning to move or travel abroad, without first, informing the police.


The above also applies to offenders under the age of 18 if they have been convicted, reprimanded or given a final warning.

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