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9.4 Parole or Temporary Release of Prisoners Convicted of Offences Against Children

Last reviewed December 2020

Date of next review December 2022


When a prisoner convicted of offences against a child is being considered for parole or is to be released from custody on a temporary basis, the Prison Probation Officer must, in writing inform the Director of Children’s Services of the area where the prisoner is expected to reside on release, with a copy sent to the Chief Probation Officer for the area concerned.

The Probation Officer (Community Offender Manager (COM)) who will be managing the offender in the community ahead of any decision to endorse Release on Temporary Licence (ROTL) will be contacted by the relevant prison. 

The Probation Officer in the community will complete a CP1 referral form to the MASH/FDFF/SPOA informing of any risk issues relating to safeguarding and children at risk of serious harm.

Where there is not a COM the Duty Officer will make a referral.


Where the prisoner is being considered for parole, the Prison Probation Officer must request comments from the Director of Children’s Services on the prisoner’s release with particular reference to the effects which release could have upon any children at the address at which the prisoner is expected to live.


Probation staff must interview those living at the address to assess the home circumstances and, if appropriate authorise the provision of accommodation to the prisoner.


Depending on the risk involved, probation staff may conduct a home visit jointly with the police.


The significance of the relevant offence(s) for any child living or likely to visit the address must be established and children’s social care informed.


For any child identified by the probation officer as either living or likely to visit the address, the social worker must undertake an assessment of potential risk in relation to the release of the prisoner.


The social worker must identify in writing any child protection issues arising from the proposed release of a prisoner to a specified address and indicate any action that children’s social care may need to undertake to protect the child(ren) in the household.


The Probation Officer for the local area must share theirreport with the appropriate children’s social care.


If the prisoner is to be released to an address with a child(ren), a child protection enquiry must be initiated (see Known Offenders and Others who may Pose a Risk to Children Procedure).

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