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9.5 Assessment of Young People Accused, finally Warned about or Convicted of Offences Against Children

This policy is currently under review - May 2020


These procedures should be considered along with those in Children who Harm Other Children Procedure.


There is a need to distinguish between those young people under the age of 18 who are designated as offenders who pose a significant risk to children and those who do not, e.g. where the circumstances of the offence do not indicate ongoing child protection concerns such as unlawful consensual sexual intercourse between children of a similar age.


Both the police and the appropriate worker from YOT must notify children’s social care whenever a young person is accused of, or convicted of an offence against a child(ren), and assess if there is immediate risk to any child(ren) in the household or community.


Children’s social care first line manager must decide whether there is any immediate action necessary to protect the children.


The first line children’s social care manager must consider whether a child protection enquiry or Child and Family Assessment should be commenced.

Within 10 working days of conviction, the YOT worker must:

  • Inform the young person and her/his family of the implications of this offence;
  • Submit a report to the senior child protection manager, outlining the context of the offence, available evidence, age differential between the young people, triggers to the offending, substance misuse and mental health issues;
  • Recommend whether or not the child protection procedures should be invoked (the pre sentence report and the assessment instrument used by YOT should be attached).

If the first line manager concludes further assessment is not required, a recommendation must be made to the service manager that the procedures not be applied and the young person not be treated by children’s social care as a person identified as presenting a risk, or potential risk, to a child. If authorised, the decision must be recorded on both children’s social care and YOT files.


Where there are convictions for sexual offences, there may be a requirement for registration on the sex offenders’ register. In these circumstances, the YOT report and any children’s social care assessment and recommendations will be considered within the MAPPA process.

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