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5.5 Child Protection Review Conference

Last reviewed in July 2020

Date of next review July 2022


Purpose of the Review Child Protection Conference


The purpose of the Review Conference is to:

  • Review the safety, health and development of the child against the planned outcomes set out in the Child Protection Plan;
  • Ensure that the child continues to be safeguarded from harm.

Consider whether the Child Protection Plan should continue in place or should be changed.

The Child Protection Review Conference should consider and decide whether a child continues to be at risk of Significant Harm and in need of a Child Protection Plan. The same threshold should be used to reach a judgment as is used at an Initial Child Protection Conference.

Decisions on continuing a Child Protection Plan should be based on risk and not as a means of securing a particular level of support.

If the Child Protection Plan continues, the relevance of the category of Significant Harm should be reviewed.


Timing of the Review Child Protection Conference


If a child becomes the subject of a Child Protection Plan, the first Review Conference must be held within 3 months of the Initial Conference.


Further reviews must be held at intervals of not more than 6 months, for as long as the child remains the subject of a Child Protection Plan.


Consideration should always be given to bringing the date of a Conference forward:

lscb-logo 01273 481544
wsscb-logo 0330 222 5296
bhlscb-logo 01273 292379

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