1. Working with Children and Families

2. The Safeguarding Children Partnership

3. Information Sharing and Confidentiality

4. Early Help

5. Recognition and Referral of Abuse and Neglect

6. Response to Child Protection Referrals

7. Child Protection Conferences

8. The Child Protection Plan

9. Organisational Guidance

10. Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews

11. Child Death

12. Risk Management of Known Offenders and Those who Pose a Risk

13. Parents with additional needs

14. Self-harm and suicide

15. Safeguarding Children Practice Guidance (Children In Specific Circumstances)

16. Safeguarding children living away from home

17. Harmful practices linked to faith or culture

18. Allegations against people who work with, care for or volunteer with Children

19. Miscellaneous Safeguarding Information

20. Appendices

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