Fabricated or induced illness

Previously known as Munchausens Syndrome by Proxy, fabricated or induced illness is a condition whereby a child suffers harm through the deliberate action of her/his main carer and which is attributed by the adult to another cause.

It is a relatively rare but potentially lethal form of abuse.

Concerns will be raised for a small number of children when it is considered that the health or development of a child is likely to be significantly impaired or further impaired by the actions of a carer or carers having fabricated or induced illness.

It is important that the focus is on the outcomes or impact on the child’s health and development and not initially on attempts to diagnose the parent or carer.

The range of symptoms and body systems involved in the spectrum of fabricated or induced illness are extremely wide.

Free Schools

Free schools are schools that are funded by the government but aren’t run by the local council. They have more control over how they do things, for example setting their own pay and conditions for staff; changing the length of school terms and the school day; and not having to follow the National Curriculum.

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